Stop Dedicating An Hour.

So, you may not agree with what I'm about to say but I think it's something to ponder about before you spend another hour dedicated to brainstorming entrepreneurial ideas. I've been reading a few start-up books and books on successful people such as Warren Buffet and they all seem to have this golden thread through … Continue reading Stop Dedicating An Hour.

Millennial’s Be Expectant

I believe that we shouldn’t confuse expectancy with entitlement. Our generation shouldn’t be misunderstood as entitled. We are expectant. With hard work, commitment and loyalty we are expectant to grow, be promoted and rewarded for genuine hard work.   Expectancy: the state of thinking or hoping that something, especially something good, will happen.   With … Continue reading Millennial’s Be Expectant

A Millennial’s thought on Minimalism

  I recently watched the documentary called Minimalism on Netflix. I originally by-passed the Netflix suggestion of Minimalism and would go for “White Helmets,” “Peaky Blinders” and “Happy Valley” sort of series but people kept on telling me that it’s a must! So, one day, Nicholas was out and I decided to watch this documentary … Continue reading A Millennial’s thought on Minimalism

Millennial London Restaurant Reccomendations

Hi there, So, now that we've moved to London we're exploring like crazy. We love food, markets, coffee shops and a hidden gem of a cocktail bar. So, below are a few restaurant recommendations for our fellow Londoner's from two newbies. These places are mostly in Knightsbridge area but we're definitely venturing further out so … Continue reading Millennial London Restaurant Reccomendations

How to handle your first week living in another country?

A Millennials Experience Let me start by saying, London is one of the best decisions we’ve made. I’ve always loved London on holidays but moving I knew was going to be a huge decision. Being on holiday is a very different story compared to living in a place fulltime. So, with knowing that I knew … Continue reading How to handle your first week living in another country?