Toxic Environments

How to overcome toxic environments

So, I’ve come to the realisation that the people who are constantly trying to bring you down shouldn’t take up space in your mind. These people who are negative shouldn’t take up your energy. Whether it be at work or with friends, there’s no reason for them to disrupt your positivity.


Tips to overcome toxic work relationships:

#1 Try your hardest to stop thinking about their toxicity – I find myself getting so uptight and frustrated by their actions and behaviour that it takes up space in my mind. What has helped me a lot is listening to motivational podcasts. It changes my mindset and helps me refocus on who I am, what I do and where I’m going. A great Podcast is SuperSoal Sunday.


#2 Speak to someone close to you, someone who has been through the same situation or someone who will remind you of what is truly important. I like to go either to my mom or friends who I know are peace makers. In these situations I don’t need to be revved up and rather reminded of the bigger picture and how to deal with certain people.


#3 Realise that you can’t change people’s behaviour but you can change your attitude towards them. I’m not saying – find that one thing that you like in someone and focus on that – instead remove yourself from stuations that you know will frustrate you. For me, at work, if I need a moment to gather myself, I take my phone, put a podcast on and go sit somewhere and get some work done. Then I come back having completed work and feeling encouraged to take on the rest of the day.


#4 It’s okay not to like everyone. To think that there is not one person in the world that is exactly the same as you, is crazy. We are all so different that it’s okay to not always see eye-to-eye. Instead of putting your energy into disliking someone rather think about what makes that person them and try understand why they are the way they are. This will soften your heart and open your eyes. Be grateful that you can notice their negativity.


#5 Remember that whoever is trying to bring you down, bring negativity into your life and rattle your mind is not worth the time and energy. Use their behaviour as an example of how not to behave and be grateful that you’re nothing like them.


These tips have gotten me through a few challenges, where I’ve been put into a mix of very strong personalities and sometimes swayed by people’s negativity.

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