The Millennial Connection

The average person checks his/her phone over 150 times a day. Is this okay? These moments detract from our everyday. Our conversations, people around us and potential new discovers. We’ve begun putting more time into our devices then we do our relationships. We have to remove ourselves from our devices and only check in when it’s needed. If you don’t have a WhatsApp message why do you keep checking the application? We have to start investing more time in our surroundings and relationships than in our devices.


Millennial Mobile Obsession

My device can sometimes overtake many moments. This may just be me but I’m pretty sure it’s many Millennials out there. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m on my phone that much until Nicholas or someone will say, “Seriously can’t we just have a moment” or I sometimes have to say to Nicholas, “Please turn your Bluetooth off to your Garmin.” So many conversations, missed opportunities and lost moments are due to our attentiveness to our phones. We need to remind ourselves that it’s healthy for us to switch off and in the end, we’ve created these devices in such a way that we won’t even miss a thing.


We aren’t married to our mobiles. We don’t need to continue this habitual behaviour or continue to live up to the expectation that Millennial’s can’t live without their phones. The honest truth is that we can live without our phones, we’re just choosing not to, too often.


When you’re overwhelmed – don’t be afraid to turn it off. Don’t be afraid to turn off when everything and everyone is getting a bit much. An influx of emails, WhatsApp messages or social media notifications. Tell those close to you that you’re turning off for a few hours and remove yourself from technology – go for a walk, go for lunch without your phone. Give it up for a few hours and see a very noticeable difference in how you function. When life’s a bit much, turn off, leave it behind and stop being your devices BFF.


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