Millennial’s Be Expectant

I believe that we shouldn’t confuse expectancy with entitlement. Our generation shouldn’t be misunderstood as entitled. We are expectant. With hard work, commitment and loyalty we are expectant to grow, be promoted and rewarded for genuine hard work.


Expectancy: the state of thinking or hoping that something, especially something good, will happen.


With hard work and dedication what’s wrong with being expectant for greatness. I find we limit our goals and future so that we end up only reaching a certain point when we should dream big and never stop until those dreams are met. Be expectant, dream big and don’t limit your mind. As a generation we tend to let people categorize us and make us feel lazy, entitled and insecure when that’s not who we are. We’re more than our generational label.


We’re inspired by great people, our parents, friends and our icons. Why should we limit our goals and vision? We expect to grow into great career moguls and expect promotions because we know that with hard work, drive, determination and commitment we can be great. “Entitlement is birthed from pride. Entitlement is operating under the delusion that you deserve something you’ve not earned. Entitlement and expectation are different because entitlement comes with an arrogance whereas expectation comes with a humility.” So, this week, be expectant, work hard and speak out your goals and dreams aloud.

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