Millennial London Restaurant Reccomendations

Hi there,

So, now that we’ve moved to London we’re exploring like crazy. We love food, markets, coffee shops and a hidden gem of a cocktail bar. So, below are a few restaurant recommendations for our fellow Londoner’s from two newbies. These places are mostly in Knightsbridge area but we’re definitely venturing further out so we’ll update this list regularly.

Coffee. Some may enjoy Starbuck’s but we’re honestly not big fans. We love coffee houses with unique beans, the smell of freshly baked goods and unique scenery or courtyard. So, below are a few of our favourite that we’ve found in our short time of being here.

01. Carpo – Delicious coffee with a kick and beautifully packaged snacks on display to accompany your order. P.S. If you’re allergic to nights, I advise you don’t walk in. They’re chocolate and nuts specialists.

02. Elan Cafe – Beautiful coffee shop with exquisite, picturesque interiors and baked goods. Seriously, I don’t advice you to go here if you’ve just started your diet.

03. Fernandez & Wells – YUM! Great food, atmosphere and coffee.


01. No. 11 Pimlico Road Bar and Restaurant 

02. Greenspeares – Our favourite for a green tea and work session.

03. Zefi Cafe – Great selection of dishes. Tastes like a delicious homecooked meal!

04. Mildred’s Vegetarian in Soho – My favourite restaurant and yes it’s vegan (We definitely aren’t vegan but this restaurant will probably convert us).

05. Maroush Beauchamp Place – The best Lebanese food! We love their green tea, fresh juices and most importantly their Baklava.


01. The Enterprise – “It’s like a member’s club, without the fee.”

02. Signor Sassi – The best Italian in London – Our favourite is the crab pasta or Spaghetti Carbonara

03. Honest Burgers – Our cheat meal, definitely. Such great burgers, super simple and delicious. You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a quick cheat meal dinner. (They’re on Deliveroo as well – Which can be a super big problem for our lazy nights in. The fear of the Heathrow injection gets me every time I go onto Deliveroo).

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