A Millennial’s USA

So, recently Nicholas and I decided to move to England and with the influence of my father we decided to do a 2-and-a-half-week USA trip a week into moving. We literally planned a whole USA trip within two months, saved what we needed and got blessed with tickets! So, there we were in 2 months later in NYC.

I’m honestly not a person who enjoys the “Top 20 things to do in…” but rather someone who goes off recommendations from friends and family (Thank goodness for them because WOW we had great trip). So, for those who are planning a trip to the USA, here’s a Millennial guide on how to do it right starting with NYC.


Stop 1: NYC

HOTEL: We stayed at the New York Nomad, super great hotel with an unbelievable restaurant called Scarpetta and super friendly staff. It’s in midtown, which is the best location as it’s the perfect distance from Central Park as well as Manhatten. If you’re looking to stay closer to Central Park definitely look at the 1Hotel – It’s a new hotel in the block and was definitely my number one option before I saw the prices! And if you’re looking to stay more to the Manhatten side I would definitely recommend the Standard Hotel, it has a great rooftop bar, restaurants, and even a Biergarten. Also be careful when booking hotels, make sure that all taxes are included. We got recommended Agoda – It’s a great website to book hotels because it ensures that all taxes are included while still getting a great price and you’re not left with $250 to pay at the end of your stay.


ACTIVITIES: We basically harassed anyone who had been to New York before so we could get some insight into what to do and see as well as (Most importantly) places to eat. Nicholas and I are absolute foodies and would rather spend money on a great meal in a vibrant restaurant than on a something material. I like to think we’re more experienced oriented – probably like most Millennials. So, to get down to it below is the list of MUST’s while in NYC. Also, the best advice we got for our trip was book everywhere before you get there and buy good walking shoes.


Places to be and places to eat are below.

For the Millennial tourists:

  1. Central Park
  2. Trump Tower
  3. Westfields for a bit of shopping and to see it’s unbelievable architectural design.
  4. Ground Zero
  5. Staten Island Ferry – There’s one every half an hour, it’s a 20-minute ride there and back. It prevents you from having to wait in the 2-hour line to see the Statue of Liberty. You go straight past it, take your pic and then head back to carry on with your day.
  6. Hire Citi bikes – It may seem daunting but along the marina, it’s the best ride! But remember to lock them in properly after you’ve used them – we had a little moment after seeing you can get fined up to $1000 if your bike is misplaced.
  7. Grand Central station and have a salmon burrito and Urban Space on the way.
  8. The Plaza Hotel for champagne
  9. Book a Broadway show – We went to watch Chicago – it was brilliant! On route, we also saw Times Square and Victoria Secret. Tip: Ask them to check your bust size! I was measured and was shocked to find that I had been wearing the wrong size my whole life!
  10. Meat Packing District – We bought some beautiful coffee books about NYC and NYC dogs! When you’re there you’ll see so many cute pups!


For the Millennial Foodies and Cocktail lovers:

  1. The Standard Hotel – Go to the Biergarten for a great IPA beer and a little table tennis and then book for The Grill.
  2. Grand Banks – best restaurant with an unbelievable selection of oysters and IPA beers. We had one of the best beers here. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.
  3. The Refinery rooftop cocktail bar.
  4. The Spotted Pig – a quirky pub but don’t let the word “pub” fool you. It’s quite pricey but the blue cheese burger and literally shoestring fries are unbelievable.
  5. Sel Rrose
  6. Jack’s Wife Freda for breakfast is the best and have the Breakfast Bowl. Nicholas ordered it and I was basically drooling over it!
  7. Order a New York slice from Uber Eats when you keen to have a night it – was the best pizza we’ve ever had.
  8. Scarpetta – best food we had while in NYC! Sit at the bar – the bartender Brad is such a great guy!

I hope our list helps – We’ve explored all these places and absolutely loved every single one of them! So, that was a bit of New York for you! Let me know what you think and share your comments or tips on NYC below.


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