Millennials and Money

This post just brings to light a few things that may be depleting your bank account.

  1. We all love our coffee and grab and go snacks but these small purchases leave a very empty bank account coming to the end of the month. Be strategic in these purchases because they eventually catch up to you. So, I know that every morning I crave a coffee and by 3 o’clock if I don’t have a coffee I fall asleep at my desk. So, I decided to treat myself a few times a week with that early morning coffee and if by 3 o’clock I’m in desperate need for a pick me up when I make myself a cup of green tea or good old English Breakfast tea.
  2. Girls and guys, let’s be honest here. Do we really need those gym memberships? I go to the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week with an amazing trainer but I hung onto my Virgin Active card as if it was a fashion statement. If you don’t go, cancel it! There’s so much we can do at home, outside and in our everyday lives that will get us to our fitness, not a membership card.
  3. We love being social and exploring places with friends but when it comes to money, a lot of us are known to waste it on, “I’ll get this round” moments and in the end its very rare you see your mate getting “the next round.” So, stick to your round and buy a couple drinks for yourself. When you go out let’s try to not buy shots for everyone, after you have your drink, put that card away! We all like to get festive and next minute you want to treat everyone to a shot but it these once in a while purchases that waste a lot of money.
  4. Yes, everyone is now vegan organic lovers but it’s not necessary to buy your freshly pressed juice and organic juice shots. Rather make your own at home. Spend the money you would have spent on juices and save up for a juicer, it may sound like a mission but in the long run, it’s an unbelievable investment. It also enables you to prepare a variety of juices for the week.
  5. When you spend money without actually seeing the money, you often don’t realize how much you are spending. That can easily happen when you shop online. Remember that there are always additional costs to your online shopping and a lot of the time the fabric doesn’t feel right or the colour is a bit off.  If you’re not a frequent online shopper – stop now – because the bug will eventually bite and then its downhill from there.

So, what’s depleting your bank account?

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