The Millennial ‘Mindset’

The Millennial Mindset is a phrase often used by strategists in agencies, but is there such a thing? It’s up to you to decide. We make up one fourth of the world’s population, i think we start to understand this way of thinking cause one day it will be running this world. Yes, you don’t have to be a Millennial to have a Millennial Mindset but I think it’s time Millennials speak up about the way we think rather than being told what we think by people outside this generation.

How do you think? Let me know.

We’re a generation that has been brought up in the transformation of digital communication. We live and breathe anything digital and driven by innovation. We are living in a diverse world connected by mobile devices, laptops and media. We like to stay informed, updated and between the story. We spend more time connecting with our devices then we tend to connect with people face to face. It’s the convenience and ease of the digital world that attracts us. Why spend time sending a letter when you can WhatsApp/WeChat with someone in seconds.

We have the ‘world’ at our finger tips and quite honestly we like it that way. We spend the majority of our time on social media, not just because it offers us a platforms to connect family overseas but because it gives us the ‘scoop’ and ‘gossip’ that we can’t find in our real lives. It does keep us connected, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t honestly say that stalking that one guys Facebook page or checking up on your old bosses Instagram feed as ‘keeping you connected’. Social media is the Millennial top performing channel because it satisfies our needs. The need to feel involved, in a community and connected to the world around us even though it offers none of it. It’s a platform to tell people what you’re doing and where you’re going but doesn’t actually connect you, if anything it tends to make you feel more alone, insecure and pressured to do more, be more and then show people you doing it. Look at LinkedIn, we connect with people we know in the workforce or people we studied with, not only for our own endorsements but to ‘connect’ with people in your industry. While what you’re actually doing is subconsciously ranking yourself against people in your past and linking due to the fear of falling behind.

“Millennials are a social, community-driven generation that values the voice of the individual.” – Nielsen

We’ve been brought up with media since the beginning, whether it be a television or 3D printing. We’ve constantly seen how creating something is never that great and the next best thing will always come out. We’ve constantly seen this throughout childhood and by now it’s engrained in our subconscious that even if you get a raving review, you could of written that one part a bit better. Because as you know, it can always be better.

“Millennials are also a demanding generation that wants a more balanced, healthy lifestyle, and they want to be more informed about companies, their products and their business practices. They also expect products to do more for them and for their community. They excel in a fast-paced world that requires an on-the-go lifestyle. They value, even demand, connectivity, convenience and options that allow them to be in control.

These core values and characteristics will remain the key influencers and drivers for how Millennials think, spend and act throughout their lifetimes.”

Is this true?

I think we have seen the evidence in our parents lives. The lies, false truths and a society driven by individuals aiming to build their own castle instead of lifting people up as they grow. We like to be in control, I’m pretty sure, like every other generation. We like to stay connected and in touch with what’s happening in the world because in such a fast paced world, change is a constant and too many people have been wrongly treated over the years.

They say we’re the “Mobile Generation” are we truly? And honestly, i agree, not only are we mobile in terms of the digital space but we are literally one the most mobile generations. We chase the challenge, we move across the world and act on what we say. We challenge the norm, question authority and truly don’t understand the Baby Boomer mindset.

Millennials see more value in experiences, adventure and challenges than materialistic things that can come and disappear in seconds. I sit next to an unbelievable women at work, who quite honestly is my mentor more than anything, and she’s also a Millennial. She talks more about travel, weekend away, working smart and feeling challenged more than I’ve ever known.

“While they’re years from fully establishing themselves, they’re already having a marked impact on the global consumer landscape.” – Nielsen

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